KRS-One was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for all his work and effort towards the Stop the Violence Movement as well as the overall pioneering of hip hop music and culture.

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Shane Sparks

Shane Sparks, an award-winning hip-hop choreographer best known for his work as a choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance and judge on America's Best Dance Crew.

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Natural Remedy

Natural Remedy is a fresh, so-cal band from Hollywood, CA. They combine elements of hip-hop, reggae, rock, and acoustic pop to make a special blend of the new genre "City Reggae".

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Wasted Daze

Wasted Daze is a city-reggae band from LA, CA. The band combines elements of rock, reggae, and hip-hop. Wasted Daze is very mysterious and powerful - and its mystery is exceeded only by it's power.

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Young Gullie

Young Gullie is a freestyle artist based out of Los Angeles, CA. Gullie puts out bangers with his accomplice and producer, Chris MassBeats.

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A Special Kind of Fresh

There’s nothing better to listen than A Special Kinda Fresh when you are hanging in a hammock or chillin in a van. They combine an upbeat ska with a smooth reggae rhythm, leaving you feeling funky fresh.

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HellBoy resides in Hollywood, CA, and has had his music played on MTV’s America’s Next Best Dance Crew. Hellboy has been behind the creative producing of hundreds of songs and is well on his to stardom.

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About Us

Recon Recordings is located in the entertainment capital of the World, 15 minutes away from both Hollywood and Universal City Walk.

Originally based out of Burbank, CA, Recon has been in the studio since mid-2003. Chief Engineer Rhett Guillot has been developing his skills with the best in the business. Taken under the wing of legendary producers such as Steve Linsey (who has worked with artists like Eminem, Rihanna, 50 Cent, Mickey Avalon, and Mary J. Blige) and Gerhard Joost (who produced artists such as Stevie Wonder, Olivia Newton John, and Salt n Pepper), Guillot has been able to develop the tricks of the trade that usually take decades of experience to acquire.

Managing the business aspect, Jesse Richardson is pursuing his degree at UCLA. He also is a Managing Partner in an online publication. With years of music under his belt, Richardson brings a creative and inventive characteristic to the studio

Along with the day to day operations, Jake Webster handles the studio’s marketing, promotions, and artist relations. With formal training in tonal harmony, music business, and recording arts, Webster adds a unique level of professionalism to Recon.

Shane Richardson seeks out new talent, promotes client performances, and offers musical collaboration and development. Richardson is involved with several active musical groups in LA in addition to working as a promoter and entertainment organizer.

With extensive training in percussion, traditional and commercial music, and recording arts, Gabriel De Sant'anna is a seasoned studio musician and engineer. At Recon, Gabriel works as both an Assistant Engineer and studio musician. His musical background includes a heavy focus in jazz, funk, and samba.

Jameson Morris develops the design and functionality of the Recon website. Morris has years of experience in website development and online marketing, and currently he runs and manages an online publication

The atmosphere at Recon Recordings Studio is bar none – suited with both a studio lounge and guest entertainment room.

The studio harnesses the power of Avalon preamps and Neumann microphones. With the possibilities of Protools and third party plug-ins such as Antares’ auto-tune, it is as if the boundaries of time and pitch can be manipulated at will.

Artists enjoy a spacious isolation booth, hundreds of virtual instruments, and an additional live room for drums/orchestral/choir/etc.